THE LINE Sathorn Condominium is developed by Sansiri and BTS Group. Located in the Sathorn area. It is 15 meters from Surasak BTS Skytrain Station.
THE LINE Sathorn Condominium is developed by Sansiri and BTS Group. Located in the Sathorn area. It is 15 meters from Surasak BTS Skytrain Station.

When “imagination” is a representation of desire
In a fast-paced society and various needs causing a fantasy that has no fixed form
Limitless and sometimes without reason just to satisfy you

Here… every imaginable possibility
The Line Phahonyothin Park

Imagine … living in nature

The Line Phahonyothin Park project brings inspiration from more than 8 rai of green gardens within the project. 
To be the main concept in design Unleash every imagination as a creative power. 
Connect different external and internal areas with interesting and interesting ideas through the ‘Magical Tree’ concept, 
which designs the pattern of the building into the outline of the tree. 
Is a light and shadow that changes according to natural light in each period 
It is like a large, wonderful tree, set in an elegant 32-storey garden. 
Let you find the shady and fresh air every day

new way of life Focus on living And sharing happiness together For every living space
And facilities Can answer all needs perfectly

fills every imagination Enjoy every life

creates a favourite menu In the midst of nature

Let you enjoy the feeling of cooking in the midst of nature 
From simulating the atmosphere in the big forest with the fall of the light and shade of trees 
in the Co-Cooking Studio room, with a selection of high-quality kitchen sets made from natural materials 
with LG refrigerator INSTAVIEW that saves energy and the Smart Food Recycler waste bin 
That transforms every food waste into organic matter, suitable for mixing with soil to plant trees 
Open the imagination of cooking. With a new experience like no other

A variety of relaxation areas in one place.

Add colour to all your activities. Whether organizing a party, watching a movie or playing a game, 
you can do as much as you like.
Have fun with the Desk Shuffle Board that brings you a new experience of petanque fun with a beautiful view 
Full-Height can be used at all times to relax fully.

relaxing mood Abandon all worries

Connect the city and nature to one at Floating Nest, 32nd floor. 
Relax with tranquillity. Abandon the chaos from the outside as if sitting on the top of the tree with the Solar Charger. 
With charging power simultaneously

Power up the body. While relaxing under the stars

Responding to every work perfectly by dividing the area into 3 zones, 
starting from Photo Studio, photo studio, photography studio with equipment. Create works as you wish. 
Followed by a central working area Suitable for both single and group work 
The furniture can be adjusted according to the need. Use Aluminum Chains Art, specially designed 
to block the space to be private. But still feel comfortable Finally, the meeting room 
and workshop rooms support all the meeting needs.

Enjoy activities and sports as imagined.

Spark every imagination Have fun playing

Create smiles and fun for children. Enjoy the adventure 
On the world of little insects With fun slides, lots of books and games 
that help open the world of imagination Helps to enhance learning skills And strengthen 
Development in various parts By being certified by Samitivej Hospital

increases the power of the body While relaxing under the stars

Full of energy and freshness Open a 180-degree wide angle 
with a fitness area divided into 3 zones with various exercises, 
whether it is a Smart technology equipment zone with new players such 
as Reax Board, Reax Light and Smart mirror, Exercise Machine zone, 
consisting of treadmills and bicycles. With a private screen as if spinning in the real area 
Make your workout more fun and the fully equipped Weight Training zone.

Let the imagination go and fly with the horizon and water.

Relaxing all the fatigue with a pool designed to be lined up. 
Descend into layers Let you swim among the stars Or sit back and relax with 
the surrounding atmosphere See the panoramic city view With Jacuzzi and children’s pool

Because nature is the best neighbour of man 
We are therefore not only building a residence but also pay attention to the environment

Project location
It is possible to imagine at the “Ladprao Intersection” which responds to every journey, work, living and living. 
The centre of many forms of transportation, including 2 lines of trains, major expressways, passenger stations, and Don Mueang International Airport Connect you to all the destinations you need, as well as being a leading source of educational institutions. Lifestyle department stores and a large park that is like the lungs of Bangkok people 
Charm and interest Of this location Make you meet new stories every day 
THE LINE Phahonyothin Park Condominium by Sansiri and BTS Group. Central Ladprao, BTS Intersection Ladprao, BTS Phahon Yothin, Chatuchak Park.

The LINE Phahonyothin Park Plans and Brochure

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Review of The LINE Phahonyothin Park by Kevin Yeo

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